Water Supply Pumps

Auckland Waste Supply Pumps

Our specialist team offers over 25 years experience in all residential and light commercial pump system designs, repairs and installations. It is essential that all water pump systems be individually designed, specified and maintained for optimum results.

At Citywide, we are service agents for Wallace Pumps and Saniflo Pumps. With our vast knowledge and expertise in pump installation and design, we are recognised as experts by leading manufacturers. We can fit the right pump and system to your job or fix that problematic pump you already have.

The most important aspect of any water pump installation is having the correct pump specified for the job required. A large proportion of troublesome installations or repairs we see are incorrectly specified.

Partnership Opportunities for Plumbers in Pump Services

Are you a plumber looking for specialist pump advice and servicing for your valued customers? We work in conjunction with many plumbing companies Auckland wide to ensure your customers specialised pump services are met.

Scheduled Servicing and Diagnostics

Regular servicing and diagnostics are crucial for maintaining the efficiency of waste water pumps. Scheduled checks help identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your system. Our comprehensive servicing includes performance analysis, component inspections, and preventive maintenance to keep your pumps operating smoothly.

Waste Water Pumps We Service

Submersible Sewer Pump

Submersible sewer pumps are designed for efficient waste water management in residential and commercial settings. These pumps are submerged in sewage, providing a reliable solution for sewage pumping needs. Our range of submersible sewer pumps is designed for durability and efficiency, handling waste water with ease.

Submersible Stormwater Pumps

These pumps are essential for managing excess rainwater in stormy conditions. Submersible stormwater pumps are robust, capable of handling large volumes of water, and are designed to prevent flooding and water accumulation. We provide high-quality pumps that ensure quick and efficient stormwater management.

Lift Shaft Pumps

Lift shaft pumps are specialised pumps used in elevator shafts for managing water accumulation. These pumps are crucial in preventing water buildup and potential damage in elevator pits. Our lift shaft pumps are designed for reliability, ensuring the safety and functionality of elevator systems.

Toilet Pumps

Toilet pumps, or macerating pumps, are used to facilitate waste removal in toilets located below the main sewer line. These pumps grind and transport waste efficiently, making them ideal for basement bathrooms or other below-grade applications.

Kitchen and Laundry Pumps

Kitchen and laundry pumps are specifically engineered to manage the waste water from these areas of your home. They efficiently handle the everyday water output from sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers, ensuring that waste water is effectively pumped out. Our selection includes pumps designed for durability and efficient operation, tailored to support the unique demands of kitchen and laundry environments.

Tiny Home Pumps

Tiny home pumps cater to the unique requirements of compact living spaces. These pumps are designed for space efficiency and optimised performance, addressing the specific waste water needs of tiny homes. Our range includes compact, yet powerful solutions, perfect for small-scale residential applications.

Electrical, Pump Control, and Alarms

Our services extend to the electrical aspects of waste water pumps, including pump control systems and alarm installations. We ensure that your pump’s electrical systems are safely and effectively managed, providing reliable control mechanisms and alarm systems for early detection of any issues. We proudly boast in-house registered electricians who ensure that your pump’s electrical systems are managed both safely and effectively. You can trust in our ability to handle all electrical aspects related to your waste water pumps, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Auckland Council Pump Service Contracts

We provide service contracts in compliance with Auckland Council standards, ensuring your waste water pump systems are maintained to the highest standards. These contracts cover regular servicing, maintenance, and emergency repairs, ensuring compliance with local regulations and uninterrupted operation.