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High-quality sediment filtration systems

Solutions For Cleaner and Clearer Water

Citywide Plumbing is dedicated to providing high-quality sediment filtration systems that effectively remove particulate matter, ensuring your water is not only safe but also pleasant for all uses.

Understanding Sediment Filtration

Sediment filtration is designed to remove suspended particles such as dirt, sand, rust, and silt from water. These particles, while not always harmful, can affect water clarity, taste, and can cause damage to your plumbing system and appliances over time. Our sediment filtration solutions are essential for protecting your water supply and enhancing its overall quality.

How Does Sediment Filtration Work?

Our sediment filters use a physical barrier, usually a mesh or a porous material, to trap and remove particles from your water. These filters come in various types and micron sizes to cater to different levels of filtration needs. The choice of filter depends on the water source and the specific sediment issues you are facing.

Sedement filter

Benefits of Sediment Filtration

Improved Water Clarity: By removing suspended particles, sediment filters greatly improve the clarity of your water.

Protection for Appliances: Sediments can cause wear and damage to appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Our filters protect these appliances, extending their lifespan.

Enhanced Overall Water Quality: Sediment-free water means cleaner laundry, clearer ice cubes, and a more enjoyable overall water usage experience.

Pre-filtration Advantage: Sediment filtration often acts as a pre-filtration step, enhancing the efficiency of other water treatment systems like UV sterilisers and reverse osmosis units.

Our Range of Sediment Filtration Systems

We offer a variety of sediment filtration systems, from simple under-sink models to whole-house systems. Whether you need a basic mesh filter for visible particles or a more advanced system for finer sediments, we have the solution.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced technicians provide professional installation, ensuring that your sediment filtration system is correctly integrated with your plumbing. We also offer regular maintenance and filter replacement services to keep your system working efficiently.

Consultation and Customisation

Every water supply is unique, and so are your filtration needs. We provide personalised consultations to understand your specific requirements and recommend the best sediment filtration solution for you.

Get in Touch!

If you’re experiencing issues with sediment in your water or if you’re looking to improve your water quality, reach out to us at Citywide Plumbing. Our team is ready to provide you with effective sediment filtration solutions tailored to your needs. Let us help you achieve clearer, cleaner, and safer water

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